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moonlady76(c) 1996

I was Born on a full moon .

to take me to the very heart of mother earth. to learn to see what other people can not see or will not see. to see what man has done to this earth.

To show me that when most people die, they see a tunnel of  light that leads to the other side.

some go straight through, some hesitate ,some decide not to go through the tunnel and thus remain earthbound as ghosts. demons, skin-walkers,

 showed me how to use the Sacred Sage. To thank the Creator and Spirits , to Call on mother earth to show me  the way. My mother showed me the way to offer tobacco.


She showed me The way it was pass on from woman to woman grandmother to mother and to chosen one of your child.

I have learn to use my gift to help others.

and I Offer up  thanks to the Creator and God for these gifts.

love & light 

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